Creating Online Video Course Content

TalentLMS is a good platform. It’s just in a different class than these – will give you more capabilities in a number of areas like tracking, reporting, SCORM compliance, multi-tenancy. I cover it and similar platforms here: These platforms are probably a better fit for your needs. – Jeff
I have one question, being a real novice. I want to use a platform for on-line learning that not just allows for pre-taped videos, slide shows with audio, and other “static” mediums. I want a platform that allows for live teaching where I can either see the individuals (as I teach self-care/body work), hear the individuals and their questions (but they see me), and/or get their chats (latter being less desirable – other two being more as they create a real live classroom feeling). Which on this list does provide that live video teaching/ “conferencing” option. Or alternatively – do people mix and match platforms.
Online teacher professional development has been critiqued for its relative failure vis-à-vis face-to-face instruction to integrate theory with practice. As such, concepts such as “pedagogical knowledge” remain more conceptual than practical – focusing on knowledge about practice versus knowledge in practice. Using real-time video –such as a videoconferencing system or web cameras– can capture practice “live” (though stationery video systems may not provide a full picture of student interactions and behaviors). Videorecording teachers’ practice at certain points in the school year can provide a visual archive of teacher progression or regression in a certain area. And video can also be shared with other teachers as a study tool.

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If you’re using Bloom’s as a framework for online course creation, it’s worth noting that everything in the learning experience column is active instead of passive. Learners must DO something to learn. It is not enough to just record dozens of videos of yourself speaking into the camera, unless you’re giving learners opportunities to apply the content they’re learning about – which should align well with the actionable learning objectives you laid out in step 1.

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Embedded in this front-end planning is getting an in-depth understanding of your customers and audience. Think about who you’re creating this training for. What are their demographics? What do they care about? What terminology or jargon would / wouldn’t they understand? How do they like to learn? What would they like to learn? Once you answer these questions, you will have a great foundation for your learner persona.

This goes beyond the previous point of learning preferences. It provides the best ways to reach students with multiple touch points which can help facilitate the learning process. When done properly, it also provides students the ability for quick reference when needed. For example, a video demonstration is a great way to show a task. Having the steps written out is best for quick reference after the video is viewed.
How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel
How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel