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edX is great, but it’s not a platform most people are going to be able to publish on. I don’t think of Moodle as a MOOC, just an open source course platform. It has a lot going for it, though not always easy for non-technical people to use. I cover a couple of plug-ins above to add e-commerce capabilities to Moodle (the native ones are not so hot). – Jeff
How To Make Better YouTube Videos
How To Make Better YouTube Videos

Spacing your interactions is essential. If you crowd them together in one portion of the online training video, corporate learners may miss them entirely or they can lose their effect. In fact, it's best to insert your first interactive element between the 1-to-2 minute mark, and then wait another minute or so until the next hyperlink or hot spot. Of course, the time frame greatly depends on the length of your online training video. The opening interaction should grab their attention by asking a question or prompting them to reflect on the topic. For instance, encouraging them to ponder how the subject matter relates to their own lives or helps them achieve their personal goals. For best results, create a timeline that highlights all of the interactions and their corresponding links, icons, or annotations.

Your online training video is ready to go. But before you upload it to your Learning Management System or site you need to add the interactions. The number of interactions you include is based on the length of your online training video. For instance, a 10-minute video should have no more than 4 or 5 interactions. However, a microlearning online training video should have just 1 or 2. Here are just a few ideas for interactions that you may want to include:
Thinkific provides a truly full-featured software solution to help you create, deliver, and market and sell online courses. A big vote of confidence for this platform is that my friend Dorie Clark – a bestselling author multiple-times over, guest on the Learning Revolution podcast, and generally very smart and business-savvy person – has used it for her online courses. Similar to Teachable below, there is a free plan, but …
Technology has come a long way over the past few years, and fortunately, it doesn’t take a lot of equipment or software to create an online course. And you don’t have to break the bank to get everything you need either. Whether your budget is a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, it is definitely possible to create an online course that your students will love.
How to Create an Online Course in 20 Minutes a Day
How to Create an Online Course in 20 Minutes a Day

Really, it comes down to the nature of your content and how much you rely on the tools contained within any specific platform to create your courses. If you rely on those tools heavily, then you will have to redo quite a bit when you go to a new platform. Maybe not a big deal if you don’t have a lot of courses and the courses you have aren’t all that large. But it could be a big deal if that is not the case.
An effectively designed online course or program must take into account multiple factors – the characteristics of targeted learners, the nature of the content, the role of the community in shaping learning, and integration of ongoing feedback and assessment; ample opportunities for practice and expert feedback to guide the development of knowledge in action.

Hello Jeff..thanks for this information. My needs seem to be a little different, and I hope you can be able to guide me. I work for a non-profit organization and we offer elearning courses for business owners at no charge. Our approach is to develop the content, have someone produce it as an ecourse — and we own it. I don’t understand the monthly fees that all of the platforms you mentioned seem to have. Wondering if you have suggestions of elearning developers that produce the courses without any ties into monthly fees and revenue sharing. Thank you!
I’ve gone around and around 1st deciding on 3rd party .. then build my own with wp/ LMS and back AGAIN. I really prefer a 3rd party all-in-one solution.. as I am just starting out and it’s just “me” The biggest challenge that I have found is the SEO I am not sure how that works without an independent wp site or how it works with a website you build inside a 3rd party. it seems to be the big elephant in the room that no one wants to talks about. Thanks, Alix
Finally, you’ll need to determine the learning objectives for your first online course. That is, upon successful completion of the course, what will your learners be able to do? Ideally, all learning objectives should be actionable, such as “Customer service reps will be able to successfully respond to the 20 most commonly asked question by customers.”
Thanks a ton for these resources. Im looking specifically for a user controlled (interactive) video platform for training people on how to use a specific product, reviewing features and troubleshooting. We dont need to sell anything, but would love to track which video’s get watched most so that we know where the interest or pain points are for the product. I’ve looked at Engajer as a platform, and some of the training platforms here seem like a good fit, but not sure about the ‘self guided’ aspect of the video. Any additional thoughts/insights since you’ve posted this list?
Bibhash – The main distinction between Prime and the types of systems listed here is that Prime does not have built in capabilities for e-commerce and marketing. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for selling courses, it just isn’t really set up to do that out of the box. You would need to integrate it with an external e-commerce system at a minimum. – Jeff
I was not aware of the stats regarding the effects of placing a video on one’s website.  The facts speak for themselves and the conversion rate is quite staggering.  Adding videos to my website is a definite must!Thank you for sharing these statistics with us!As for Content Samurai, I found the part I was looking for that would probably be the deciding factor and that is that it provides voice-overs so you can choose a different voice to read your script for the video.  Other than that, it sounds like an easy-to-use software tool that will streamline the creation of videos in less time than normal.  This is amazing!
In addition, on the few occasions I have contacted their customer service for clarification, I have gotten a couple of good answers from one technician and half-assed answers from others. For instance, I read an article on their blog about how to implement an evergreen e-mail sequence but, it was poorly written and left out quite a bit of pertinent information. But, when I contacted their customer service to ask for clarification, they had no idea what I was talking about and repeatedly gave me half-assed answers to my questions! Thus, I had to turn to a video on YouTube to learn how to implement an evergreen e-mail marketing sequence.

When you talk about testing your course, creating a ‘fake’ landing page, having a big ‘buy now’ button, and then analyzing the data of who actually clicked that link to buy…. Where are you sending people after they click that link? If you haven’t created your course yet, how can you offer it for sale? I love the idea of being able to test out who is actually clicking through to buy, but I’m somewhat confused about the process. Thanks!

Most of the time, an LO is better suited to a specific content format. Like LOs that require learners to “list” information are better suited to written notes. But there can be some repetition when presenting content to cater to all three learning styles. Not to worry! Because this repetition can actually lead to better retention and improved understanding.
These will tend to apply more in academic or academic-oriented markets where platforms like Moodle and Canvas have a big foothold, but they will also be helpful to commercial edupreneurs who have adopted these platforms. Also, if you need a platform that can handle multi-byte (e.g., Chinese) or right-to-left (e.g.,  Arabic) language, Moodle  may be your best bet.

So you might notice there that the audio is kind of over pushed and driven and sounds a bit tinny, that's my apologies to make this content samurai review I actually...I export this video about four times to four different places so I kind of crush the audio down  a bit but it works fantastically adding scenes like content samurai if it get slide area slightly wrong you can just manually adjust it and it's absolutely fine and yeah, now I'm  actually going to adjust a couple of sections so split up one of the slides and then I am going to add audio, I'm going to add music to the final slide deck.
While Kajabi (above), is a great all-in-one choice for solopreneurs, Academy of Mine is a better bet for small businesses and organizations that want an all-in-one option. The platform supports SCORM courses, sophisticated quizzing and assessment, and issuance of continuing education credit. And, because it is built on top of WordPress, it has top notch capabilities for building out a full-featured Web site.
Hey! We enjoyed reading your article. But, the majority of the companies listed on this page are for long term courses/classes. At PharmPsych Sites we cater mostly to Continuing Education professionals in the medical field, many of whom just need a short term solution. In the medical field information changes quickly, and most of our users do not want to have a long term course. We make it easy and simple to do that.. In fact, our prices are below the range of what you listed; we also have some free packages. We would appreciate it if you would take a look at what we have to offer and provide us with some feedback:
So yeah really in content samurai you can get a video out there in a; a great video out there not just like a crap two minute video; I'm talking a decent video with good content in about 30 minutes. Get that up whether it's YouTube and optimize it properly by your top of ranking [00:08:34.00] so yeah you see I'm flying through here.  The longer sentences I kind of got some of it wrong so just hit the record if you want to preview what you have done, if you think you may have said a word that doesn't sound right or something you can actually just preview what you have done and there I'm done finish recording the audio.
Completely agree – I’ve heard many stories about people using Moodle and then finding that they either don’t have the time/expertise to configure things themselves, or don’t have the budget to engage a consulting firm to do it for them. Out of the box solutions are much better for small businesses as they can get started easily themselves at a relatively low pricepoint.
LearnDash, in my opinion, is pretty much the gold standard for serious WordPress learning management system (LMS) plug-ins and the recent release of version 3.0 has made it even better. It is a very feature rich platform that was clearly developed by people serious about e-learning (and the founder, Justin Ferriman, does have a long background in e-learning).
Creating the PERFECT outline for your online course content 🗒️
Creating the PERFECT outline for your online course content  🗒️