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Thanks for outlining all of these options. I started with Udemy just 2 months ago and It has been good but I don’t want to limit myself and is not bringing in enough income that I could sustain a living off it yet. I am curious to know if any others have a community building around them where the instructors can help share students?
I’m just going to throw my two cents in here after seeing so much negative stuff about Udemy. While I understand the criticism related to such aspects of the platform as controlling user data and communications with students as well as some difficulties with the review process, I have had an excellent experience with them. The bottom line is, Udemy courses sell. For those of us who don’t like to do a lot of marketing or aren’t very good at it, Udemy has a huge user base and very effective marketing.
I like the pricing model Teachable offers. You can use the platform for free and pay $1 + 10% for all transactions.  (You’ll need to click on the Compare Plans link on their pricing page to see this option.) Or, you can choose to pay a monthly fee, which eliminates the $1 per transaction fees and also reduces the percentage paid to Teachable based on what level of monthly fee you choose.

So, whether it’s filming a video, recording a podcast, developing an infographic or writing notes, always add a sufficient level of quality assurance. Where there’s voice (like talking head videos and podcasts), there should be no background noises that create distraction. For written content, get a fresh set of eyes to copy check. This will help to avoid those nasty spelling and grammatical errors.
Christopher – Depends on you budget and how confident you are in enrollments/growth. The pricing I have seen on the Catalog option for Canvas is quite hefty – though, I have to say it is very nice. Keep in mind that many less expensive options will offer the registration and e-commerce options you need while also offering options for plugging into common Webinar tools like GoToWebinar. Alternatively, consider an option like WizIQ, which is really geared toward supporting the sales and delivery of live online courses. – Jeff
Dainis – Thanks for commenting. I agree – mostly. Aspiring course entrepreneurs tend to put WAY too much emphasis on the technology. In most cases, simply getting on with it and going with a major, established platform like Teachable or Thinkific is the right move. Still, there can be reasons for going with other options. I get e-mails from people every day asking for advice on platforms, and I am struck by the number of times that they have specific needs for which Teachable or Thinkific are really not the right fit. It pays, I think, to take just a bit of time to think it through, apply a reasonable process, and arrive at a choice you feel confident about (which is the point of my free platform selection guide). – Jeff
Hi, looking for advice on which site to list a Personal Development course – we sell the course via our website and its all set up and ready to go so we don’t need Course Creation tools like quite a few of the sites seem to want you to use. So we are looking for new places to sell our ready made course online to gain a wider audience and sales. Any recommendations and wise words for us?
Interactive online training videos feature clickable objects and links that make online training more tactile and engaging. They stand out from other forms of multimedia by putting the corporate learner into the driver’s seat. Every viewer gets the opportunity to choose their next move and access online training content that’s relevant to them. Instead of merely watching an online presentation, they are able to pick their own personal path and meet specific learning objectives they need. Here is a step-by-step guide for adding interactive online training videos to your corporate eLearning experience.
Achieving a fantastic online course is more or less equivalent to creating one or more great videos for your students. Luckily, nowadays video production is not just a privilege of the professionals. Impressive techniques that are popular amongst the experienced moviemakers have become available to beginners too. Affordable software and easy-to-use apps empower you as a course maker and unleash your creativity resulting in impressive instructional videos.
LearnWorlds is an all-in-one platform that allows you to create, promote and sell your online courses, offering an advanced and easy-to-use editor that makes your videos interactive. With a variety of features available, you can augment your footage and in a few clicks, you can arrange these features in the way and the exact moment you want them to appear.
If any technical glitches pop up during this stage, notify the technology team members so those can be rectified. Pay attention as well to the overall look of the program. Are you using a white label software and incorporating your own company’s branding and design? Now is the time to check and ensure your online course presents a professional image and is easy to read and navigate.
You may also like this e-Learning platform which allows you to create your own e-shop – marketplace and there sell your courses for FREE and with no extra effort! This e-shop function can be switched on by one click in the platform settings. You only need to select the courses you want to display. Personalizing your e-shop by using your company’s logo and colors, so that the visitors would recognize the e-shop as yours, is a question of only a minute. so lets try and get more profit!
Teachable Tutorial 2020 🔥 How To Create An Online Course (FAST & EASY!)
Teachable Tutorial 2020 🔥 How To Create An Online Course (FAST & EASY!)

But, what has really set me off is that when I first signed up with them, they sent me e-mails on a regular basis but, suddenly stopped doing so. Then, the other day, I got a pop up window at the bottom of my screen informing me that their Teachable Summit was starting right then! So, I followed the link and signed up for their summit. But, not only did not receive notice of the impending summit via e-mail, I did not receive a confirmation e-mail that I had signed up for the summit! Thus, I contacted their customer service again to ask why I received neither notice of the summit nor a confirmation e-mail and that is when the run around started! First, I was told to check both of my e-mail addresses and my Spam folder. But, after my reply to that message, I was then told that their e-mails had bounced back to me too many times and that I had been removed from their e-mail list! Thus, they told me to add their e-mail address to my safe sender’s list and they would send me a confirmation e-mail. But, that was complete bull because, when I checked my safe sender’s list, their e-mail address was listed on both e-mail accounts! So, I sent them a reply stating that their e-mail address as well as their domain name was on my safe sender’s list and that I did not appreciate being lied to!!!
HOW TO CREATE AN ONLINE COURSE 📚 (That Pays You $1,000 A Month Or More!)
HOW TO CREATE AN ONLINE COURSE 📚 (That Pays You $1,000 A Month Or More!)

Hi, Ali – Kartra will enable you to sell digital products, and assuming you are using mainly just video, that can include online courses. So, it may work just fine for your needs. It is not really really a full-featured course platform, though. Kartra itself doesn’t list “online course platform” as one of the platforms and services it replaces. Again, that may not matter if you don’t really care about things like tracking course progress, incorporating quizzes and test, awarding credit and certificates, etc. – jeff
Cognitive models or “frames of mind” shape the way learners perceive and process information and suggest that an individual’s ability to learn is influenced by the manner in which information is presented. Course designers should create an array of assignments, activities, and assessments that allow learners to interact and practice with content in multiple ways, on multiple cognitive levels and using multiple measures and methods to assess learning.
Animoto is an automatic video editing app that is very straightforward to use. Unlike the previous apps, you cannot capture pictures or videos from within the app. What you can do though is select an editing style, then add filters to your video by choosing a style theme from the list of provided options. Select a preferred soundtrack and add your captions and titles on photos and video clips. Inserting title screens with custom messages throughout your video and sharing your footage via social media is possible. Additional features provide HD videos, longer videos, video downloads, cloud storage, more photos and videos to upload.
Just using Paypal as a payment gateway and one of any number of approaches to managing access to content (like, for example, a membership plugin) can work just fine. The platforms listed here all manage access rights as an integrated part of the software and have done a good bit to streamline the e-commerce process. Many of them also streamline authoring of educational content and make it easier to integrate content, assessments, and social interaction (e.g., discussion boards) into a single educational experience. It all depends on what learning models you plan to use and how adept you feel at taking a more DIY approach. – Jeff
When you talk about testing your course, creating a ‘fake’ landing page, having a big ‘buy now’ button, and then analyzing the data of who actually clicked that link to buy…. Where are you sending people after they click that link? If you haven’t created your course yet, how can you offer it for sale? I love the idea of being able to test out who is actually clicking through to buy, but I’m somewhat confused about the process. Thanks!
Completely agree – I’ve heard many stories about people using Moodle and then finding that they either don’t have the time/expertise to configure things themselves, or don’t have the budget to engage a consulting firm to do it for them. Out of the box solutions are much better for small businesses as they can get started easily themselves at a relatively low pricepoint.
The number one thing we kept in mind while creating the first version of our online Instagram course was that it has to be as in-person as possible. We knew that it had to be as interactive as possible so we could gather feedback and find out what our students’ biggest struggles were during the course. What we didn’t want was a course where we’d be sending our worksheets and students would feel like they were talking to a faceless corporation.
WizIQ has come a long way during last few months. We all know about its much loved Virtual Classroom. Now, it’s spreading wings in a direction. It recently launched Online Academy Builder – A DIY platform that allows users to create their own online teaching website in a few minutes. A lot of other improvements have also been made. You can find more details on the website –
BrainCert Makes E-Learning And Passive Earning Painless. BrainCert allows instructors to create courses and upload tests easily and quickly. Once that’s done, the platform integrates with PayPal and Stripe, allowing you to profit from the information you’ve provided. BrainCert is generous with that, too, giving you 90% of the sales revenue from whatever you sell. –
LearnDash, in my opinion, is pretty much the gold standard for serious WordPress learning management system (LMS) plug-ins and the recent release of version 3.0 has made it even better. It is a very feature rich platform that was clearly developed by people serious about e-learning (and the founder, Justin Ferriman, does have a long background in e-learning).
Creating the PERFECT outline for your online course content 🗒️
Creating the PERFECT outline for your online course content  🗒️