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So off we go I am going to speed this thing up so we can get through this content samurai review really quickly and show you there is much details as possible, so let's dive into the slides.  So I am just going to slow the video down just a second again.  It's really cool in the slide editing area because below is absolutely loads and loads of different beams. I really like the versatile stone effect sort of a blackboard effect in a way, I'm going for this one I am going to pick the green and the stone effects, yeah the really cool thing is just released content samurai now allows you to upload your own videos so we can actually upload an intro clip.
This app (also available for your PC) makes it easy to transform photos and videos into edited movies. The procedure is simple: You can capture video from within the app or upload videos, select an editing style, a soundtrack and give it a title. The app automatically adds filters and special effects to your video. Recently, Magisto released Magisto Shot, which turns photos and text into a micro-movie.
James – It really depends on what your overall business goals are and how that impacts how you manage your brand and segmenting of your market. The main thing, from my perspective, is that you want to be be selling from a site that you own (Brendon, for example, owns rather than relying entirely totally on a third-party market place like Udemy – at least if you are really serious about being in the education/training business. I, for example, decide a while back that I wanted to develop business brands that were distinct from my personal brand. I have a range of reasons for wanting to do that, but one key one is that I would like to have the potential (whether I ever take advantage of it or not) of selling off those brands/businesses. Not having them tied too tightly to my personal brand makes that possible. Hope that helps. – Jeff
Just to put cost in some context, when I designed and built one of the very first eLearning platforms for Sun Microsystems in 1996 to train my sales force, I had to hire 23 web page creators and instructional designers to build my site. Sixty hours of on-line training cost me $1.34 million dollars. Of course, at that time, no alternatives existed and Saba, Blackboard and Moodle all came by to see SunTAN (Sun Training Access Network) to see my learner-centric model. I used Java to create custom pages on the fly depending on the audience (salespeople want just the basics and sales engineers wanted everything possible). But within 2 years I was able to show the CEO a >125% ROI (increased sales and getting them trained faster than in the classroom) and I never had any problem keeping my content updated from that point on when execs understood eLearning’s importance. Of course we didn’t call it eLearning then, Cisco’s John Chambers coined that word a year later. Today I am using LearnDash to create a site for my 4000-person active senior community and the cost will be more like $15,000.
Great post! I’m learning a lot as I go along but my experience so far tells me that: As soon as I start interacting with my students (“hey, I hope you’re enjoying the course”, “let me know if I can help you”, etc) they tend to finish the course. So as a tutor you need to keep interacting – not selling!- with your students. In my case it results in higher engagement rates. Thanks for a great post Jonathan!
Hi, Jeff, informative review! What do you think about ? They came with the revolutionary idea, where online education is going to be based on blockchain technology – interactive-gamified courses experience, sponsored courses – token utilized to reward students by achievement tracking. BitDegree have cut a fine figure in the ICO, where attracted lots of token holders attention. For a limited time they are offering free lessons, and there’s a demand for teachers who can present a proper content.

Achieving a fantastic online course is more or less equivalent to creating one or more great videos for your students. Luckily, nowadays video production is not just a privilege of the professionals. Impressive techniques that are popular amongst the experienced moviemakers have become available to beginners too. Affordable software and easy-to-use apps empower you as a course maker and unleash your creativity resulting in impressive instructional videos.

Skillshare provides instructors with tools to create courses composed of video lessons and a “class project.” (All classes are have these two elements.) Classes are normally 10-25 minutes long, broken down into short videos, and they are all pre-recorded and self-paced. Once you have enrolled more than 25 learners in a class, you become eligible for participation in Skillshare’s Partner Program and can earn money through the royalty pool managed by the company – usually $1-2 per enrollment, according to the company. (Unlike Udemy – discussed below – Skillshare sells subscriptions to all of its content rather than to individual courses.) Once you are a partner, you’ll also get compensated for new Premium Members ($10 per) you bring to Skillshare through your Teacher Referral link. The Skillshare site reports that “Top teachers make up to $40,000 a year.”
Hello Jeff..thanks for this information. My needs seem to be a little different, and I hope you can be able to guide me. I work for a non-profit organization and we offer elearning courses for business owners at no charge. Our approach is to develop the content, have someone produce it as an ecourse — and we own it. I don’t understand the monthly fees that all of the platforms you mentioned seem to have. Wondering if you have suggestions of elearning developers that produce the courses without any ties into monthly fees and revenue sharing. Thank you!
And as soon as you finish recording the audio you just hit on to the next slides and it creates what timing, takes a bit of time but it's all cool while you doing that I was just getting my YouTube channel ready to be uploaded and yeah the good old bouncing Samurai, the content samurai knows I love him ... [laughing] and the next thing to do is actually go through and listen just double check your video.
Real Estate Videography 🏡 How To Make YouTube Videos
Real Estate Videography 🏡 How To Make YouTube Videos

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March 2020 Update: Content Samurai is going through a rebranding phase in 2020 to turn into Vidnami. Same software, same team, just a different name, and logo. And while this transition is in its finalizing stages, you can take advantage of the team’s lastest promotion and lock in your special discount on the Content Samurai (Vidnami) monthly plan by purchasing it directly through this PayPal checkout page, provided by the Content Samurai (and Vidnami) team ($47/m $35/m).
Yes, how you promote/what kind of support you get is a significant factor. At a site like Udemy, you at least know there are many people showing up looking for courses. (Of course, there is still no guarantee your course will get a lot of visibility.) To be honest, if you can be effective promoting yourself on Udemy, then you can probably be successful promoting through your own site – and even if you have a course on Udemy, you will almost certainly still want to have your own site to support promoting the Udemy course (and – very important – collecting e-mail addresses). – Jeff
Thankfully, you can get Content Samurai at a 25% discount off its normal price. (This link will send you directly to the checkout page.) So, instead of its retail price of $47, you’ll only pay $35, saving you $12 a month forever (again, for as long as you keep your monthly subscription after clicking on the previous link and taking advantage of this discount deal).
How to Create an Online Course and Landing Page in Thinkific - Tutorial (Complete Walkthrough)
How to Create an Online Course and Landing Page in Thinkific - Tutorial (Complete Walkthrough)

LMS Checkout is another option for selling Moodle or Totara courses. You can set up an account easily on the LMS Checkout Web site, download the plugin to install into your Moodle or Totara site, and connect to Paypal or to as your payment gateway. You get quite a bit of control over modifying the the theme for you e-commerce site so that it will look as much like your Moodle site as possible and you can even integrate with Salesforce in just a few clicks. All-in-all, a very good option for getting a level of e-commerce functionality that just isn’t available in Moodle itself.
Hi, looking for advice on which site to list a Personal Development course – we sell the course via our website and its all set up and ready to go so we don’t need Course Creation tools like quite a few of the sites seem to want you to use. So we are looking for new places to sell our ready made course online to gain a wider audience and sales. Any recommendations and wise words for us?
After your first run through the five steps outlined in this post for online course creation, it will become increasingly easier to build future courses. You will gain tremendous insight into your target learners, what’s important to them and how to best keep them engaged. As a result of helping learners reach their training goals, you too can achieve your business goals.
Then I'm going to grab from our photo and just going to video template.  Then we go to that now uploading and while the intros for our video intros is uploading I'm going to upload the other couple other images and if you want to find images and we love this as well they have a image finder that just goes out there gets creative comes with images  completely for free all that stuff that you going to need to use in commercial videos because pretty much every video is technically commercial so you need commercial license images so that can happen just here, and because I always create intro....first couple of slides are intro slides or intro backgrounds I will just go and upload the images for these first couple as well.  So I can speed the video up and we can fly through this slide creation super fast and get into recording the audio.
How to Create an Online Course
How to Create an Online Course