Creating Online Video Course Content

Apart from these feature TouchCast also provides valuable analytics and comes with a variety of interactive elements that are called video apps (vApps): Image vApps, Video inside a video, PDF vApps, Dropbox vApps, Video vApps, Hotspot vApps, YouTube vApps, Photo and Map vApps, Google Drive vApps, etc. Vapps are prepared at the beginning of a project by the creators who are expected to record the video along with the interaction, so that it can be saved.

Thinkific provides a truly full-featured software solution to help you create, deliver, and market and sell online courses. A big vote of confidence for this platform is that my friend Dorie Clark – a bestselling author multiple-times over, guest on the Learning Revolution podcast, and generally very smart and business-savvy person – has used it for her online courses. Similar to Teachable below, there is a free plan, but …
You can choose amongst multiple scenes and transitions, add sprites, images, audio files, animations and text to your videos. You can also layer these in various ways e.g. blending, overlaying, and masking, and each object can be edited, moved and cut independently. Like Hitfilm, the editor also provides video effects (Instagram-style filters, special effects like fire, smoke, and water) all of which are fully customizable.
In addition, on the few occasions I have contacted their customer service for clarification, I have gotten a couple of good answers from one technician and half-assed answers from others. For instance, I read an article on their blog about how to implement an evergreen e-mail sequence but, it was poorly written and left out quite a bit of pertinent information. But, when I contacted their customer service to ask for clarification, they had no idea what I was talking about and repeatedly gave me half-assed answers to my questions! Thus, I had to turn to a video on YouTube to learn how to implement an evergreen e-mail marketing sequence.
Kay – I don’t know of any place where you can simply list a course that is for sale, and I’m not sure how effective that would actually be. It sounds like what you really need are good ways to drive traffic to a sales page for your course on your Web site. The best way, by far, is through your own e-mail list. To the extent that you don’t have that, or in addition to that, consider the suggestions at as well as – Jeff
LearnDash, in my opinion, is pretty much the gold standard for serious WordPress learning management system (LMS) plug-ins and the recent release of version 3.0 has made it even better. It is a very feature rich platform that was clearly developed by people serious about e-learning (and the founder, Justin Ferriman, does have a long background in e-learning).
This app (also available for your PC) makes it easy to transform photos and videos into edited movies. The procedure is simple: You can capture video from within the app or upload videos, select an editing style, a soundtrack and give it a title. The app automatically adds filters and special effects to your video. Recently, Magisto released Magisto Shot, which turns photos and text into a micro-movie.
Thankfully, you can get Content Samurai at a 25% discount off its normal price. (This link will send you directly to the checkout page.) So, instead of its retail price of $47, you’ll only pay $35, saving you $12 a month forever (again, for as long as you keep your monthly subscription after clicking on the previous link and taking advantage of this discount deal).
How to Create an Online Course and Landing Page in Thinkific - Tutorial (Complete Walkthrough)
How to Create an Online Course and Landing Page in Thinkific - Tutorial (Complete Walkthrough)

While the truth of a person requiring a specific presentation style in order to learn is debated, it is widely accepted that people have preferences for the way they learn. By providing multiple delivery options, you make sure to meet the student at their strength or preference level. Planning the placement of video, visual components like diagrams and pictures, text documentation and other multi-media help people grasp and apply the concepts and tasks you are trying to teach. 
How to Make a YouTube Video (Beginners Tutorial)
How to Make a YouTube Video (Beginners Tutorial)