Creating Online Video Course Content

These will tend to apply more in academic or academic-oriented markets where platforms like Moodle and Canvas have a big foothold, but they will also be helpful to commercial edupreneurs who have adopted these platforms. Also, if you need a platform that can handle multi-byte (e.g., Chinese) or right-to-left (e.g.,  Arabic) language, Moodle  may be your best bet.

There are a few technical quibbles with Content Samurai, like the fact that you can’t upload to Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook directly from within the interface, but these are relatively minor. For the most part, Content Samurai does exactly what it claims to do: turn text, audio, video, and images into one video product very quickly and easily. If that sounds like it would benefit your marketing efforts, then you owe it to yourself to at least try Content Samurai.
Bob – It sounds like you probably do need a platform (and I always recommend having a Web site in addition to whatever platform you use) You might be better off with one of the companies I cover at the following link (LearningCart, in particular, could be a good choice, based on the little bit I know about your situation –
James – It really depends on what your overall business goals are and how that impacts how you manage your brand and segmenting of your market. The main thing, from my perspective, is that you want to be be selling from a site that you own (Brendon, for example, owns rather than relying entirely totally on a third-party market place like Udemy – at least if you are really serious about being in the education/training business. I, for example, decide a while back that I wanted to develop business brands that were distinct from my personal brand. I have a range of reasons for wanting to do that, but one key one is that I would like to have the potential (whether I ever take advantage of it or not) of selling off those brands/businesses. Not having them tied too tightly to my personal brand makes that possible. Hope that helps. – Jeff
I’ve gone around and around 1st deciding on 3rd party .. then build my own with wp/ LMS and back AGAIN. I really prefer a 3rd party all-in-one solution.. as I am just starting out and it’s just “me” The biggest challenge that I have found is the SEO I am not sure how that works without an independent wp site or how it works with a website you build inside a 3rd party. it seems to be the big elephant in the room that no one wants to talks about. Thanks, Alix
Hello Minhaj! This is an interesting software application. When it comes to creating videos, I hate being in front of a camera. This type of software is exactly what I have been looking for. It is nice to know that creating videos with Content Samurai is simple and straight forward enough to use. The snapshots looks great. I will test-run the 7 day trial and from there subscribe. Thanks a lot for this review.
You can choose amongst multiple scenes and transitions, add sprites, images, audio files, animations and text to your videos. You can also layer these in various ways e.g. blending, overlaying, and masking, and each object can be edited, moved and cut independently. Like Hitfilm, the editor also provides video effects (Instagram-style filters, special effects like fire, smoke, and water) all of which are fully customizable.

Let’s talk about what we mean when we say “accessibility”. We’re referring to the learner flow that begins when the learner first encounters the course (it may be course a link, landing page, etc.) to the point when they enter the learning experience and see the course content. Depending on how you structure this process, it can be as seamless as one click from end-to-end, to as friction-filled as multiple clicks on interfaces that are difficult to navigate.
If you have a clear picture of the media types and assets you’ll be using to develop your content, you’ll be ready to create your storyboard screens using the steps outlined below. However, if you’re unsure or are still deciding, skip to step 3 to get a better idea of the content and activity types you may want to include before moving forward with creating a storyboard. In any case, you can always update your storyboard along the way – just be sure your team is aligned on all of the changes before you do.
Best Video Editing Software for YouTube (Mac & Windows)
Best Video Editing Software for YouTube (Mac & Windows)