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2019 initiated and 2020 made a real change in everyone's life.

History has proven that with evolution, it is not the strongest that survives, but it is the organism that evolves fastest that survives and thrives.


In 2021 we are faced with a real dilemma - how to evolve and make money from home?


If you think that succeeding online as is too difficult and impossible, then think again.

Let?s remind us the very beginning: email is the grandfather of the online world, capable of withstanding the slowest online speeds (even dial-up), it spread like a wildfire in the early days. And email open rates were sky-high, because email was the primary and nearly the only means of online communication.

Internet evolved, and our attention now is busy processing estimated 5000 ads daily. Isn?t it tiring?

Now guess what - email is back!

People do spend 1h or 30 min, or 10 min a day checking their emails, because when you have important things, then it is going to be on your email!


Email is the official way to communicate online. Period.


Try to buy a ticket to a concert, airplane, contract or product, you need a documentation that you own the rights to it, and it is provided with an email.

People check their email!

This, of course, is a vital piece of information for anyone looking to succeed with mastering digital marketing tools.


Here are three steps to get it done:

? (1) Generate Traffic (paid or organic ads);

? (2) Capture traffic (emails, chatbots);

? (3) Deliver to your traffic what they want (more details below).

The task is rather simple, but usually people run into numerous moving parts and challenges, and their efforts get scattered across the table.

???? Step one: Generate Traffic

Traffic is a number of users visiting your offer/website, the more visitors you can get the better. 

Commonly know ad types are:

? YouTube Ads: Why should we use YouTube? Well, they have 2 billion monthly active users and 5 billion videos watched every single day. But also consider unique targeting options, such as keywords, retargeting, affinity, specific videos/channels.

You can post free videos and add custom descriptions to every video, and even add a link to your product/offer/website.

? Pro Tip: ?Content is King? - people like quality content, so be sure to really think about who you are selling to, do the research, do a proper keyword targeting, plan your video or ad, consider the message that must be congruent with your funnel you are planning to send the users to.


? Facebook Ads: Easy to set up, start getting leads starting with just $5-$10 per day. Unlimited scale with billions of active users. Tons of targeting options. User friendly and a proven way to success. Includes several other marketing options, such as Instagram or WhatsApp.


? Google Ads: Really targeted traffic with numerous options to classify your leads based on the keywords they are entering, you can filter out cold leads or warm leads and match the keywords based on their previous delivery results. Possibility to scale with nearly unlimited opportunities.


???? Now we get to the second part - capturing your traffic you have just made. It is absolutely sufficient to rely on your selected digital marketing platform. Over the last few years their pre-made one click lead capture templates are polished nearly to perfection.


Common lead capture types include: email, phone number (for SMS, WhatsApp message or a phone call), and chatbots. There are several digital marketing platforms that offer all of these options at very modest prices. Do research them before you proceed, because soon enough you might find yourself considering omni-channel communication with your audience.


???? Deliver your promise: Since your lead has just come in contact with you, then you absolutely should send your leads an instant welcome message.  A verified method to funnel the traffic is: Ad -> Opt-In Page -> Bridge Page -> Sales Page. With this method you will be able to collect the lead and on the Bridge page introduce and pre-warm the lead to a new product/service, and then deliver them to the actual sales page.


You should be good to proceed by now with your digital tools to promote any product of your choice.

 ? Pro tip: With so many moving parts it is essential to stay focused, each of these marketing platforms is sufficient to reach you to a six figure income. Select one of these platforms and work with it. Keep in mind, that when it comes to a paid advertising, you need rules & frameworks to follow. If you don't make decisions based on your personal data, you will most likely make decisions based on what you think or feel will work best...which is the #1 reason most beginners fail and lose money with advertising.

So be focused! Choose one way of getting traffic, choose one way of getting leads, choose one way of getting sales. It is sufficient with one project to succeed. Once there, you can add the path and you will find it way easier. But start with being focused.

Recap: Your How to Succeed With Digital Marketing:

? Step 1: Decide on what product or offer you want to promote.

? Step 2: Decide what platform you want to generate traffic in (FB, Google, YouTube).

? Step 3: Test Your funnel before spending $ and sending traffic.

? Step 4: Start generating traffic to your Lead Capture Page.

? Step 5: Once lead comes in - automate and send a Welcome message.

? Step 6: Follow up with your leads.

? Step 7: Rinse And Repeat.


It is my hope that by breaking down these things, you?ll start to gain confidence in your decision to join us on ?the other side? where passive income is really achievable!

Go get em?



I?ll leave you with one last Pro Tip: the most successful Marketers in history were coached or mentored by someone that?s ?been there and done that?.

The value a coach or mentor is almost unfathomable because you bypass their time spent on trials and errors.

If you?re someone like me and would like to have their handheld from product selection all the way through to their first online paycheck, then I recommend you check out this PDF book: The 7-Step Checklist I've Used To Create A Hyper-Profitable Affiliate Business From Scratch

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